Steffen Cornehl, passion for watchmaking in Stuttgart, Germany

Our new watches reflect our interpretation of the watch history crafted into new unique timepieces. Craftsmanship that takes its time. A unique watch reminds us on one of the most precious things we have – our time.

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The fascination of historic and new timepieces rises up in me again and again. The development of clocks and watches and their technique is strongly connected to the history of economy, society and culture. Even with the rising and fall of nations and cultures.

We take care of your timepiece. Every piece is telling a story. As watchmaker and restorer of antique clocks and vintage watches we love to bring back your piece to life again. We also can help you to explore its unique history.

Unique watches need some unique treatment. This requires special knowledge. But that’s not all.

One of my teachers said once. “Steffen, a good watchmaker can be recognized by his good tools and you recognize a bad one since he always complains about his tools.”

From the smallest screw driver to the most precise watchmaker lath we have all tools that are required to finish the work on the highest standard.

If a tool is missing, e.g. a milling cutter to cut the teeth of a wheel of an antique watch or clock from a time where the sizes where not yet standardized, we can make the cutter according to the needs.

Steffen Cornehl





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