Crazy about time

Steffen Cornehl repairs and restores antique ┬ámechanical watches for more than 20 years now. Big historical watches in museums in St. Petersburg and small disctintive pocket watches and wrist watches, that are very dear to their owners. As a watchmaker Steffen is fascinated by the old masters in watchmaking and how they have perfected their […]

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The Future starts today

It is the artisanal challenge that attracts Steffen Cornehl as well as the creative possibilities that come along with mastering the different crafts. Along the way, there is still a lot to discover and to learn. The current status becomes manifest in our current collection. Completely hand-made watches – from design, through construction to production. […]

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Filing, grinding , polishing , turning, milling , hardening, tempering , Rolling, plating , assembly, fine places … there are many old techniques necessary to create a watch. Finisching┬áthe boss of the minute hand HAndfinishing the cloick spring Drilling the holes for the screw of the golde chaton Cutting the teeth of the second wheel. […]

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